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Designation Program: CPII, Certified Professional In Insurance

The Certified Professional In Insurance is an advanced designation program consisting of five modules – Property, Liability, Residential Risk, Automobile, and Specialty Lines. and/or Intermediate level Property & Casualty continuing education class (7 HR CE credit each of them). This designation provides a link between exclusions or limitations and the endorsements necessary to cover the risk.

The designation is designed to provide the insurance professional with the tools and knowledge necessary to analyze the risk and determine what is endorsements are needed as a solution to any coverage gaps.

Cost: $ 145.00 Per module

The CPII designation requires completion of five modules (classes).

Designation Program: PIAM, Professional in Insurance Account Management

The Professional in Insurance Account Management (PIAM), is a seven-module practical Designation Program and/or Intermediate level Property & Casualty Continuing Education class. 7 HR CE credit each of them. The program is designed to advance the level of knowledge of all agency and company staff. The program provides practical training, underwriting to increase technical skills, and it also covers Errors & Omissions prevention.

  • Principals/Managers
  • Inside Producers
  • Outside Producers
  • Customer Service Representatives
  • Other Company Personnel
  • Claim Adjusters

Cost: $ 145.00 Per module

The PIAM designation requires completion of seven modules (classes).

5 HR Core Course:
CE 11017 | 5-Hour Law & Ethics Updates For P&C
Approved for 5-220 | Credits: 5 HR | Approval # 92188

This program meets the FL DOI CE mandatory requirements for Florida licensed GENERAL LINES (2-20, 20-44, 4-40, 4-42, 2-33) insurance professionals, addressing the following areas of concern: Regulatory Awareness (i.e. jurisdiction of duties/responsibilities of the CFO, DFS, OIR, OFR); licensing requirements (appointments, agency licensing, license updates, duties of licensed vs. unlicensed personnel); Other Requirements (advertising, recordkeeping); Department Communication; Guaranty Association; Insurance Laws/Updates (new FL law updates; pertinent Federal Law Review applicable to FL licensed insurance professionals); Ethical Requirements (Code of Ethics, marketing regulatory & ethical guidelines, understanding industry products & suitability of sales/services, unfair methods of competition and unfair or deceptive acts, understanding required premium discounts); Disciplinary/Industry Trends (recent violations/enforcement actions, unauthorized products/entities, new and other important terminology).

Elective Courses (All Licenses)
You are allowed to take any elective courses you wish. You are not limited by your license type.

CE 11023 – GL Coverage Endorsements
Approved for 220 | Credits: 2 HR | Approved # 92893

This course will discuss coverage forms analysis, extended reporting periods, building contractors liability, personal injury & advertising injury, internet limitations, audits, additional insureds, contractual liability, contingent liability, pollution exposure, workers compensation, professional liability, employment practices liability and the Unlicensed Entities statement.

CE 1223 – Personal Auto
Approved for 220 | Credits: 3 HR | Approved # 73774

This program discusses policy provisions, Part A – Liability, Limit of liability, Part B – Medical Payments Coverage, Part C – Uninsured Motorists Coverage, Part D – Coverage for Damage to your Auto, General Provisions and the Florida Unlicensed Entities statement.

CE 1233 – Homeowners Endorsements
Approved for 220 | Credits: 3 HR | Approved # 75487

Discussion of HO endorsements (i.e. resident held in trust, HO-3, home day care coverage, scheduled personal property, loss assessment coverage, inflation guard, personal injury…), the ISO (Insurance Service Office), definitions/terms, coverages, deductibles, limits and the unlicensed entities statement.

CE 1236 – Garage Insurance
Approved for 220 | Credits: 2 HR | Approved # 76292

This program discusses the Garage Policy, its history, eligibility, new additions to the policy, coverage under the GCL, Commercial GL classifications, who is insured, individual names insured endorsements, coverages (liability, garage operation-other than covered auto, garage operations – coverage autos, garagekeepers coverage), PRP Letters, exclusions, board form products coverage, limits of liability, garagekeepers legal liability insurance, diminish value, Endorsement CA 99 59 03 06, physical damage coverage, premiums, false pretense, collision exclusion and the FL Unlicensed Entities statement.

CE 1222 – Workers Compensation
Approved for 220 | Credits: 2 HR | Approved # 73622

This class covers the basic principles; rating; employer & employee; independent contractors; employee defined; election of exemption, revocation of election, and notice; notice to employee; exclusive liability; who is covered & when; when is WC coverage compensable; the policy; MEWA/ERISA, Unlicensed Entities.

CE 11020 – Commercial Property – New Policy
Approved for 220 | Credits: 2 HR | Approved # 92396

The Commercial property policy has a new ISO version with significant changes. Some of those enhance current benefits while others cause more limitations, reducing coverage for your insurance. This class is a must to protect yourself from an E&O claim. Unlicensed Entities Statement.

CE 11012 – New FEMA Flood
Approved for 220 | Credits: 3 HR | Approval # 84009

This class discusses FEMA requirements under the Federal Law for agents: flood maps & zone determinations; policies & products available; flood insurance provisions; general rules; rating; claims handling process; requirements of the flood; agent resources; unlicensed entities. (3 hrs FEMA certification for agents only and FLDFS CE credits)

CE 110001 – Additional Insureds
Approved for 220 | Credits: 2 HR | Approved # 83023

This program discusses additional insureds updates (i.e., underwriters, clients, companies, landlords, etc.) to include case studies. The class will reference and provide some ISO current publications on Commercial General Liability policies for the additional insured.

CE 11011 – Identity Theft
Approved for 220 & 324-C | Credits: 3 HR | Approved # 83782-83783

What is “Identity Theft”, how do you know when it has occurred, how thieves get your personal info, how to create a identity report, credit monitoring, identify theft protection, HO-ISO policy coverage, why buy identity theft insurance and Unlicensed Entities Statement.

CE 11018 – Rideshare
Approved for 220 | Credits: 2 HR | Approved # 92398

Learn about the latest trends and how will it impact our industry. The pros & cons: rideshare companies, types of ridesharing, owning vs. ridesharing, liability, safety, Gap insurance, insurance coverage requirements, owners, drivers & passenger risks, how it works in other states, and more.

CE 10016 – Protection from Computer Thieves
Approved for 220 | Credits: 2 HR | Approval # 90909

This program will discuss the FL Information Act 2014 (F.S. 501.171, signed Jun 2014) and how it expands on the definition of “personal information”, going after the criminals (cases), one system hacked can shut down a business, why buy cyber crime insurance & its two new products, the policy concepts, exclusions, conditions & the Unlicensed Entities Statement.

CE 110002 – Inland Marine
Approved for 220 | Credits: 2 HR | Approved # 83172

Bring clarity to the specific challenges in the inland marine forms with an emphasis on enhancements and limitations that could exist based on filed and non-filed forms. Marine insurance explanation includes coverage analysis on Exports; Imports; Domestic Shipments and Instrumentalities of Communication and Transportation. The coverage include filed vs. non-filed coverage forms including Sign Coverage, Transportation exposures, Bailee coverage and a comparison of Contractor Equipment forms. Will answer questions regarding property at described premises, property of others, and property in transit. The agenda includes a variety of other coverage forms such as Installation Floaters, Commercial Articles Coverage Form., Physicians and Surgeons Equipment Floaters, Accounts Receivable and Valuable Papers and Records.

CE 11021 – Protect your Home
Approved for 220 | Credits: 3 HR | Approval # 92415

This program discusses the various homeowners policy updates, the effects on the polices by applying 4-Point Inspections, Replacement Cost Estimators and Wind Mitigation upgrades. Policy deductible options, perils, exclusions and conditions will be included as well as Unlicensed Entities.

CE 150001 – Errors and Omissions
Approved for 9902 | Credits: 2 HR | Approval # 83286

Discussion on the activities causing the insurance agent policy for Errors and Omissions to be required to defend and pay claims. The policies provisions are limited as to areas of exposures. E&O exposures based on the economy and designed services being offered by insurance agency which are insureds under the Professional Liability policies. Many concerns such as Diversifying; crossing state lines; using Non-admitted markets; personnel layoffs and hiring independent contractors. Major areas of concerns may or may not be covered under the policy. These areas are coverage issues, coverage placement, duty of care, failure to obtain coverage, making adequate changes, failure to inform, failure to suggest converges and failure to report a claim. Policy coverage and gaps in coverage should be compared as the policies are nonstandard and avoiding loss to defense and benefits are important to the insured agent.

CE 11019 – Coverage Interpretations
Approved for 220 | Credits: 2 HR | Approved # 92379

A discussion of “coverage interpretations” through situations (i.e. non-permissive operator, non-owner/operator, spouse, personal property, etc.) and how the policies (i.e., HO, PAP, BAP, CGL, CP, WC) will cover; how other states & local laws affect what is not covered, Unlicensed Entities statement.

CE 15008 – Discovering Fraud
Approved for 220 | Credits: 2 HR | Approval # 92646

How every insurance company, agent, solicitor, or broker, and every person or party having knowledge of a violation is required to report circumstances pertaining to fraud to the Division of Fraud. Let’s get these guys! This program discusses ongoing issue of insurance fraud and the penalties for violators under the Insurance Fraud Act; immunity for those with absence of fraudulent intent…; mandatory reporting by insurance companies, agents, etc.; contributing factors for the crime; discussing F.S. 626.989; different types of insurance fraud; “Red Flags”; hints for fraud detection; procedures in place to provide evidence of the crime; additional anti-fraud resources; scams; the Anti-Fraud Plan, and the Unlicensed Entities statement.

Condo Coverage from all sides Wed 1/16 900 – 1:00 $ 50.00
Homeowners Liability Wed 1/16 2:00 – 5:00 $ 37.50
5 HR Update (General Lines) Sat 2/02 9:00 – 3:00 $ 62.50
Commercial Property 2019 Wed 2/20 900 – 1:00 $ 50.00
Business Income Insurance Wed 2/20 2:00 – 5:00 $ 37.50
Personal Auto Policy Updates Wed 3/13 9:00-12:00 $ 37.50
Sharing Homes and Autos Wed 3/13 1:00 -3:00 $ 25.00
5 HR Update (General Lines) Wed 4/17 9:00 – 3:00 $ 62.50
CGL & Important Endorsements Wed 4/24 9:00-1:00 $ 50.00
Identity Breach Wed 4/24 2:00 -4:00 $ 25.00
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